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One‐Step Polymerizations Enable Facile Construction and

Contributors: Zhipeng Liu; Zhenjie Yang; Xichong Huang; Chaoyan Xuan; Jiahui Xie; Huide Fu; Qixing Wu; Junmin Zhang; Xuechang Zhou; Yizhen Liu Show more detail. Source: check_circle. Crossref Multi-Scaled Porous Fe-N/C Nanofibrous Catalysts for …Zhipeng Liu's 6 research works with 20 citations and 269 reads, including: A Sorting Method for Radar Echo Extraction Based on Observation SubmatrixZongling Li, Qingyu Hou, Zhipeng Wang, Fanjiao Tan, Jin Liu, and Wei Zhang, "End-to-end learned single lens design using fast differentiable ray tracing," Opt. Lett. 46, 5453-5456 (2021) Export Citation

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Join to view full profile. Deep learning engineer in Autonomous Driving with a focus on deep reinforcement learning… | Learn more about Zhipeng Liu's work experience, education, …Zhipeng Liu A list of 1,285 differentially expressed unigenes (DEGs) in pod ventral sutures of shattering-susceptible and shattering-resistant vetch accessions. No. 135 and No. 392 are shattering ...Zhipeng Liu General Information. Biography. Mr. Zhipeng Liu is the Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Contact Information. Primary Position. Chief …The career I am interested in is an accounting assistant. The main task is to assist accountants in carrying out accounting work and record business, and conduct accounting and analysis. I am now ...Dr. Wenshe Liu is recognized as one of the most highly prolific authors for ACS Journal of Chemical Biology. ACS JOURNAL STAR WEBPAGE LINK. Publication in the Angel Chem Int. Published on January 2, 2017 Zhipeng A. Wang, Yadagir Kurra, Xin Wang, Yu Zeng, Yan-Jiun Lee, Vangmayee Sharma, Hening Lin, Susie Y. Dai*, and Wenshe R. Liu*.Feb 16, 2021 · A graphdiyne-based artificial synapse (GAS), exhibiting intrinsic short-term plasticity, has been proposed to mimic biological signal transmission behavior. The impulse response of the GAS has been reduced to several millivolts with competitive femtowatt-level consumption, exceeding the biological l … ICD-Face: Intra-class Compactness Distillation for Face Recognition Zhipeng Yu, Jiaheng Liu ... Jiaheng Liu, Zhipeng Yu, Haoyu Qin, Yichao Wu, Ding Liang, ...Zhipeng Liu received the B.S. degree in electromagnetic fields and microwave technology from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, in 2015. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with the Beijing Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technique, Beijing. His research interests include antenna arrays, multibeam ...Zhipeng Ding completed his PhD in CS in 2022. He worked on image ... Zhipeng Ding, Xu Han, Peirong Liu, Marc Niethammer (2021). Local Temperature ...Results 1 - 10 of 10 ... Zhi-Ping Liu, Ph.D. Professor. School Medical School. Department Internal Medicine | Molecular Biology. Graduate Programs ...Zhipeng Liu (University of Kansas) One-point distribution of the geodesic in directed last passage percolation In this talk, we will discuss the geodesic of the directed last passage …Qiu Zhipeng; Rongsong Liu; Donald L Deangelis; A system of ordinary differential equations is considered that models the interactions of two plant species populations, an herbivore population, and ...Zhipeng Liu New York, New York, United States 569 followers 500+ connections New to LinkedIn? Join now Join to view profile Squarepoint Capital Columbia University in the City of New York...Zhipeng Pan, Jing Lei, Wei Liu, Junshan Luo, Chaojing Tang: Grant-Free Rateless SCMA for Cellular Internet of Things Networks. IEEE Access 7 : 147954-147961 ( 2019 )Sci. 609: 594-605 ( 2016) [c5] Xianmin Liu, Zhipeng Cai, Dongjing Miao, Jianzhong Li: On the Complexity of Extracting Subtree with Keeping Distinguishability. COCOA 2016: 230-240. [c4] Dongjing Miao, Yingshu Li, Xianmin Liu, Jianzhong Li: On the Complexity of Bounded Deletion Propagation. COCOA 2016: 453-462.In this work, a novel non-invasive method of transcranial electrical stimulation with high-resolution transcranial magneto-acoustic stimulation (TMAS) method has been tested experimentally in living mice for the first time. It can achieve spatial resolution of 2 mm in the cortex and even in the deep brain regions.Runcheng Liu, Zhipeng Zha, Muhammad Shafi, Can Li, Wen Yang, Shicai Xu, Mei Liu, Shouzhen Jiang DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2021-0301 Published: 6 August 2021. The capability to support large wave vector bulk plasmon polariton (BPP) waves enables the application of hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) in sensing. However, there is a challenge arising from ...Liked by Zhipeng Liu. Join to view full profile. ExpeZhipeng Liu. University of Kansas. Verifi Zhipeng's current project is 'the interaction of parasites and host immune response" and "Metabolic immunity.' ... Zhipeng Xu [...] Yu Liu; Background and aims: The heat shock protein (Hsp) 90α ... Haina Ci 1 , Hongliang Chang 2 , Ruoyu Wang 1 , Tongbo Wei 2 Bingyi Liu, Zhipeng Fang, Wei Wang, Xun Shao, Wei Wei, Dongyao Jia, Enshu Wang, Shengwu Xiong: A Region-based Collaborative Management Scheme for Dynamic Clustering in Green VANET. CoRR abs/2110.02565 ( 2021) last updated on 2021-10-21 16:20 CEST by the dblp team.Zhipeng LIU, Professor (Associate) | Cited by 297 | of University of Kansas, Kansas (KU) | Read 21 publications | Contact Zhipeng LIU Shuhong Zheng, Zhipeng Bao, Martial Hebert, Yu-X

Zhipeng A. Wang. Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School & Brigham and Women's Hospital. Verified email at ... ZP Wang, KR Mei, X Chen, JY Cheng, JS Zheng, L Liu. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (19), 5713-5717, 2015. 132: 2015: Chemical modification-assisted bisulfite sequencing (CAB-Seq) for 5 ...Herein, a novel all-in-one structure ″paper-like″ zinc ion battery (ZIB) was designed and assembled from an electrospun polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanomembrane (as the separator) with in situ deposited anode (zinc nanosheets) and cathode (MnO 2 nanosheets), which ensures the monolith under different bending states by avoiding the relative ...Tao Wang 1 2 , Yuanyuan Guo 1 2 , Shengwei Liu 1 2 , Chaoxin Zhang 1 2 , Tongyan Cui 1 2 , Kun Ding 3 , Peng Wang 4 , Xibiao Wang 1 , Zhipeng Wang 1 2 Affiliations 1 College of Animal Science and Technology, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China.Mengyao Han, Qiuhui Yao, Zhipeng Tang & Weidong Liu. College of Resources and Environment, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, China. Mengyao Han, Qiuhui Yao, Zhipeng Tang & Weidong Liu. Civil and Resource Engineering School, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, 100083, China.To cite this article: Zhipeng Yu et al 2020 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 025001 ... Bochong Wang1, Hongtao Wang2 Y, ongjun Tian 1 and Zhongyuan Liu,5 1 Center for High Pressure Science (CHiPs), State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, People's Republic of China

Zhipeng Liu. Nanjing Forestry University. Mingzhu Pan. Nanjing Forestry University. Abstract. Chiroptical sensing with real-time colorimetric detection has emerged as a quantifiable method with enantioselective responsiveness and optical manipulability for environmental monitoring, food safety, and other trace identification fields.Zhipeng Chen. CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-based Materials, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao, 266101 P. R. China. Search for more papers by this authorBiography. Muhammad Shafi is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree from the School of Physics and Electronics, Shandong Normal University, China. His research interest is the optical properties of two-dimension ……

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Zongbo Han*, Zhipeng Liang*, Fan Yang*, Liu Liu, Lanqing Li, Yatao Bian, Peilin Zhao, Bingzhe Wu, Changqing Zhang, Jianhua Yao. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2022. Spotlight. Optimal Private Streaming SCO in $\ell_p$-geometry with Applications in High Dimensional Online Decision Making.Small organic photothermal agents (SOPTAs) that absorb in the second near-infrared (NIR-II, 1000–1700 nm) window are highly desirable in photothermal therapy for their good biocompatibility and deeper tissue penetration.Yu, Shimo and Zhao, Xinfu and Zhang, Jing and Liu, Sijia and Yuan, Zhipeng and Liu, Xiaochan and Yi, Xibin, A Novel Combining Strategy of Hierarchically Porous Metal Organic Framework (Hp-Mof) and Cellulose Aerogel to Improve the Co2 Absorption Performance.

Zhipeng Liu. Associate Professor; Associate Chair; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Contact Info. [email protected]. 785-864-3018. 526 Snow. Personal Links. Webpage Webpage; Research — Probability ...Contributors: Zhipeng Liu; Linsen Xu; Xingcan Liang; Jinfu Liu Show more detail. Source: check_circle. Crossref grade . Preferred source (of 2)‎ Patch Attention Layer of Embedding Handcrafted Features in CNN for ...

Qiwei Sun, a Yuhua Liu, a Zhipeng Liu, a Guoqing Hu Jan 5, 2022 · Zhipeng Liu Scilit Google Scholar State Key Laboratory of Grassland Agro-Ecosystems, Key Laboratory of Grassland Livestock Industry Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730020, China Zheyi Liu, Zhipeng Wang, Xiaolei Wang, Chunlei Xiao & Xueming Superabsorbent poly (acrylic acid) and antioxidant poly (este ... Liu, Zhipeng Ding, Xiongfei Geng, Tao Feng, and Feng Ning, ByteDance; Kai Chen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Chuanxiong Guo, ByteDance. 5.0 24 reviews. Free consultation. 276 Fifth Avenue, S Contributors: Zhipeng Hu; Chunguang Xie; Maoyi Yang; Xiaoxu Fu; Hong Gao; Ya Liu; Hongyan Xie Show more detail. Source: check_circle. Crossref ... Wei Liu; Zhipeng Hu; Maoyi Yang; Jiali Li; Xiangzhen Fan; Huafeng Pan Show more detail. Source: check_circle. Crossref Tou Nong San Attenuates Inflammation in TNBS-IBD Model by Inhibiting NF-κB ...Ion Flux Regulation through PTFE Nanospheres Impregnated in Glass Fiber Separators for Long-Lived Lithium and Sodium Metal Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials. 2023 | Journal article. DOI: 10.1002/AENM.202204420. WOSUID: WOS:000980343800001. Zhipeng Liu et al. [12] came up with an idea to Oct 11, 2023 ... Towards High Performance Durable CPeng, Bo and Wang, Songge and Liu, Donghao and Su, Zhouxing and Lü, Zhipeng Toby Tao; Longhua Liu; Louise Zheng; View +1. Estradiol signaling mediates gender difference in visceral adiposity via autophagy. Article. Full-text available. Feb 2018; Zhipeng Toby Tao;Zhipeng Liu. Dust-acoustic waves and stability in the permeating dusty plasma. I. Maxwellian distribution. Physics of Plasmas. 2012-04 | Journal article. DOI: 10.1063/1.3700780. Part of ISSN: 1070-664X. Part of ISSN: 1089-7674. Experienced health data scientist and compu Zhipeng Liu Nan Li Nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (NiFe-LDH) is regarded as a promising oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst due to high abundance, low cost and flexible electronic ... Contributors: Huiqi Wang; Hui Zhang; Mangxian Liu;[Haipeng LU呂海鵬. PhD in Chemistry. University of Southern CalifornXiang Liu; Zhipeng Zhang; Proceedings of the Institution Jul 15, 2022 · Zhipeng Li. Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao, 266101 P. R. China. Center of Materials Science and Optoelectronics Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049 P. R. China. Search for more papers by this author